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There’s nothing quite like having your own swimming pool to enjoy. With an in ground swimming pool from AG Budget, you can have that luxury without breaking the bank. We offer a range of in ground swimming pools and pool kits that are perfect for DIY installation. Whether you’re after a small pool or a large family pool, we’ve got you covered.

Our in ground swimming pools are made from high-quality materials and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any garden. Plus, our pool kits make installation easy for those with competent DIY skills – even for those with no prior installation experience. For those who are looking to save money on the installation process and are confident in their own DIY skills, our in ground pool kits offer everything you need to get started.

Please note: Although many of our kits are designed for competent DIY swimming pool installation, if required we will endeavour to introduce you (without obligation or endorsement) to an installer or builder who can take on your project independently of ourselves, or perhaps just help you on a day to day basis with some of the more technical aspects. We advise you not to excavate or commit labour and equipment to the site until every aspect of the project is in place.

Image of a block and liner pool kit.

Our Range of In Ground Pools

At AG Budget, we offer a wide range of in ground pool kits to suit any budget and taste. Our block and liner pool kits are perfect for those who want a DIY project, while our panel and liner pool kits are ideal for those who want a professional installation. We also offer polystyrene formworks and solid block systems for those who want a more permanent solution. Whatever your needs, we have an in ground pool kit to suit you.

Our block and liner pool kits come with everything you need to build your own pool, including blocks, liners, pumps, filters, and ladder. All you need to do is dig the hole and assemble the blocks according to the instructions. This type of pool is perfect for those who want to save money on installation costs.

Our panel and liner pool kits come with pre-assembled panels and a liner. This type of pool is easier to install than a block and liner pool, as the panels are already pre-cut to size. All you need to do is connect the panels together and fill the pool with water. This type of pool is perfect for those who want a professional installation without the hassle of building their own pool.

Our polystyrene formworks are made from high-density polystyrene and allow the basic pool to be constructed with simple blocks. These blocks can then be reinforced with steel and filled with concrete. With these formworks, you can create almost any pool imaginable.

Our solid block systems are an ideal solution if you’re thinking about creating a pool in a small area or if you want to build an indoor pool. This is because no struts are needed and the construction will only require a minimum excavation area. It’s also very lightweight.

Whatever your needs, we have an in ground pool kit to suit you. View our range below or contact us today to find out more about our range of products and services.

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