Pool Steps

Pool Steps at Incredible Prices

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You may wish to opt for integrated Swimming Pool Steps to make your pool look and feel more luxurious. We offer high quality ready-made walk-in steps to suit both in-ground and above-ground pools, at fantastic prices. Even if your swimming pool is pre-built, we offer retro-fit steps that simply drop into the pool.

For real luxury in your in-ground pool, we recommend building in one of these step units. Not only do they lift a simple rectangular pool to a whole new aesthetic level, but they also provide a lovely spot for relaxing. They are safe and convenient for all users, particularly for those who may be unsteady on their feet, or those who just want to cool off without getting completely wet.

Standard steps are 3ft 6in (1.07m) deep. 4ft (1.22m) and 5ft (1.52m) deep steps are also available for deeper swimming pools. Swimming pool steps are available with optional foam reinforcing, which is covered by an extra layer of fibre-glass. This encased foam makes the steps stronger, stiffer and easier to install. There is also the option of adding a mosaic tileband to the steps – this looks very nice but will not be an exact match for any mosaics printed on liners. If you are adding any copings around your pool, you will need to add extra copings to go around external stair bays (they may need to be cut or mitred to fit).

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