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safety cover for your swimming pool is an excellent choice if you have children or animals. These safety covers add an extra level of protection against water accidents. Once the swimming pool safety cover is in place, it can hold a great deal of weight, so should anyone fall onto the cover they will remain safe. These pool safety covers also have the advantage of keeping any debris out of the water, blocking sunlight to prevent algae growth, and insulating your pool water.

Swimming pool safety covers are relatively low-cost, efficient and eco-friendly solutions to all-year-round safety and security for swimming pools, in any weather and whatever the season. Many of our pool covers also come with the option of mechanical or electrically assisted winders.​

Whilst our range of swimming pool safety equipment can help to safeguard children and pets around the pool, it is no substitute for responsible supervision. Children must still be supervised at ALL TIMES. It takes just 2 seconds and 2 inches of water for a child to drown.

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