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Slatted Covers are manufactured from PVC or polycarbonate and are made up of a series of ‘slats’ which connect together and are wound either manually or electrically onto an automated reel system. When wound over the pool by the roller (which can be positioned above ground or in a pit below the water, low voltage, or solar powered), the slats come together to produce an attractive semi-rigid cover that will float out along the width and length of your swimming pool.​

Slatted covers are useful for most kinds of swimming pools – indoor, outdoor, rectangular, and some shaped pools. Slatted covers are tailor-made to fit your pool’s shape and dimensions exactly. These slatted pool covers are the most effective heat retention covers since they are very effective at preventing evaporation. They also float on the surface of the water so also act as a solar cover to help heat the pool water, reduce chemical loss, prevent debris entering the pool, and block sunlight to prevent algae growth.​

Power Systems

There are four types of power systems to choose from:

  • Manual via a hand crank. This option is only suitable for reels positioned above ground
  • In reel 24V DC motor. This system is suitable for above ground and submerged reels
  • 24V DC motor is positioned in a separate housing which is alongside the reel pit
  • Hydraulic motor is positioned in a separate housing which is alongside the reel pit

As standard, the motorised options are supplied with key operations. A remote control can be supplied as an optional extra if required.

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