Standard Solar Covers

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Solar Covers have a special ‘bubble’ structure. As well as being able to insulate swimming pools against unnecessary heat loss and reducing evaporation, solar covers can also protect the pool from debris.

These solar pool covers work like a floating solar panel as they can help warm up the pool water. They work by utilising the sun’s rays that pass through the solar cover and the special bubbles trap the heat that is generated underneath the cover. Essentially, this allows to solar cover to retain heat and help to warm up the water. On a sunny day, you could see as much as an 8°C temperature rise. An inexpensive solar pool cover will recoup it’s purchasing price in a very short time, effectively cutting energy losses and dramatically reducing the cost of keeping your pool warm. These swimming pool solar covers are very lightweight and they can be taken on and off the pool by hand or by using a reel.

Please note that to reap the benefits of a solar cover, you must keep your swimming pool covered as much as possible when it’s not being used.

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