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A pool heat exchanger is a highly effective, yet economical way of heating up your swimming pool. These systems are designed to enable a swimming pool to be heated indirectly by an existing central heating boiler. Essentially, a pool heat exchanger utilises your home’s heating system to transfer the heat to your pool when not in use by your home. When the system is installed in the swimming pool filtration circuit, the pool water passes through the outer chamber of the heat exchanger, whilst water from the primary heating circuit flows through the inner coil. This simple process heats up the pool water.

If you already have a central heating boiler located near to your pool, then a heat exchanger is definitely worth considering as it’s an economical yet effective way of heating your pool (please note that we strongly advise against purchasing a domestic gas boiler solely for the purpose of heating a swimming pool, since it would not be value for money).

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