Pre-Formed Pools

Pre-Formed Pools at Incredible Prices

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Our pre-formed pools provide superb value for the quality, especially if you are looking for a fancy curved shape that may be difficult to create in any other way. Although installing a pre-formed pool is not quite as simple as digging a hole and then dropping the prefabricated pool in, this type of swimming pool provides great advantages over your traditional concrete in-ground pools.

Prefabricated fibreglass pools involve a bit more effort to install it properly, but it is definitely worth it. The excavation work for a prefabricated fibreglass swimming pool is quite straightforward. The floor must be levelled quite carefully, however, and it needs to be finished with a hard-stable surface layer to ensure that it properly supports the weight of the shell.

The prefabricated fibreglass pools require far fewer chemicals in order to clean and maintain them due to the continuous smooth shell being resistant to bacteria. Unlike concrete, this type of pool has the benefit of being flexible to account for ground movement, which makes it more resistant to cracking.

Niveko Monopools are made from 100% highest quality Polystone which is a compound made up largely of polyurethane, a resin mixed with powdered stone additives that give it added weight, strength and the porcelain or ‘stone-like’ feel that results in the material name itself.

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