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Pumps and pool filters are all essential equipment for pools as they filter and circulate the water to keep the pool water clean and safe for swimming (with the addition of water treatment chemicals).
We know that quality is a must when it comes to the essential equipment for your pool, which is why we provide a variety of pumps and filters from top manufacturers such as Certikin, Pentair, and more! Not only are our pumps and filters of excellent quality, but they are also fantastic value for money.


*Please note that all electrical equipment must be installed by a qualified electrician.

Swimming pool pumps are water lubricated and they must never be run dry, not even for a split second. Unless there is water in the strainer pot, serious damage to the mechanical seals will result causing leaks, and the pump will have to be stripped down to fit new seals.

All plants must be drained down for winter to prevent frost damage. The swimming pool filters normally have a single drain plug at the base, with a sieve to allow water out but keep sand in. Most pumps have two plugs (one for the strainer and one for the impeller housing) so don’t forget to remove both!

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