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Swimming pool pumps are one of the essential components to a pool installation, maintenance, and usage. The pool pump is responsible for circulating the pool water to ensure that your pool water treatment chemicals are evenly spread out to prevent stagnation. Pumps also push the water through the pool filter and through other components such as solar heating panels.

Essentially, a pump is run by a motor that spins an internal impeller that pushes water from your pool skimmer and drains through the filter and then back out into the pool through its water inlets. Pumps feature a strainer basket that is able to catch leaves and other large debris which may otherwise clog up the pump. Our pumps feature large strainer baskets which require emptying infrequently.

Our incredible range of pumps are from reputable and top manufacturers such as Certikin and Pentair, so you can be sure that they are nothing less than the best quality. These pumps are suitable for both domestic and commercial pool filtration applications.

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