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Swimming pool water features can be wonderful additions to your pool environment. Not only can they enhance the appearance of your pool, but they may also provide extra functionality. These features could be anything from water fountains, water curtains, or waterfalls, to solar showers, ponds, or streams. Essentially, these pool water features bring a relaxing and soothing atmosphere to any pool environment. In addition, they also provide the added benefits of increasing the air quality and humidity, whilst also reducing the amount of external noise pollution.

Whether you are after a soothing cascade of water to relax in or a more practical solution for pool-side showering, we supply an extensive range of beautiful products for you to choose from. Our water curtains provide a gentle cascade of flowing water into the swimming pool which simply looks marvellous. Whereas for more practicality, our solar showers provide an eco-friendly alternative to showering by the pool. Whatever your budget may be, we have a wide selection of products to cater to all budgets.

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