36ft x 18ft Block and Liner Pool Kit

£4,550.00 (inc. VAT)

Top Quality Luxury Kits & Equipment at Incredible Prices

Our luxury 36ft x 18ft block and liner kit includes:

Pipe and Fittings – 2 x pipe cement,  10 x plain glue sockets, 2 x socket unions, 10 x nipples, 20 x 90 degree elbows, 10 x 45 degree elbows, 5 x Ts, 3 x ball valves, 60m x 1.5″ ABS pipe

Please note that the above amounts are estimated. The exact length of pipe/number of items required depends on your pool design, distance to the plant room and plumbing layout. Extra items can be ordered at any time during the pool build.

Certikin Wall Fittings – 2 x Skimmer & wide angle extension throats, 2 x Safety main drains OR 2 x Low suction wall inlets (or 1 of each to suit requirements),1 x Vac point, 2 x Eyeball inlets.

30 Thou (0.75mm) Plain Liner – Our kit prices include a ‘hopper’ or a constant depth liner manufactured from 0.75mm thickness plain blue material. There is an option to upgrade to a tile band or patterned liner, you can choose from a large number of patterns available (the only extra charge is the difference between your chosen liner and the plain liner price applicable at the time of purchase). Liners are hand made to your final pool measurements (you can have any reasonable proportions and depths within each size range at little or no extra charge). We advise that you delay ordering your pool liner until the pool shell is finished and you have accurately measured the finished screeded dimensions. There usually no extra charge for this as long as the pool dimensions are similar to the size of pool kit ordered (if in doubt, please ask us for advice). Please see our Pool Liners section for more information, and our Liner Measurement Form for measuring your pool liner. Add Coping Stone sets to your Pool Kit.

Liner-lock – Included in your kit is topmount liner-lock which is a semi flexible plastic strip which your liner bead will secure into.  We can supply 90 degree or radius corners as required.

Pump and Filter – Our kits include a good quality 24″ top mount sand filter with multiport valve, pressure gauge and filter media and a good quality 1.5hp circulation pump.

Maintenance Kit – Our kits include vacuum head, telescopic pole, net, brush, hose, floating chlorine tablet dispenser and thermometer.


We are happy to help with any aspect of your pool project – for more information, technical advice, or a competitive quote, please call us on 0208 941 6618 or email us.

Please note with our luxury kits you can upgrade your pump and filter at very little cost if you wish. You only really need to consider upgrading to a bigger pump for the following reasons: 1. Your pool pipe runs are unusually high or long. 2. A greater lift is required (e.g. for solar heating on a roof). 3. A heavier bathing load is expected than in normal domestic pools.   Note: Some automatic cleaners may also require pumps with a minimum flowrate, please call for advice. Choosing a more powerful pump and larger filter will not usually do any harm, it will simply cost more to run. If you do choose a higher horse-power pump, it is important to upgrade to a larger filter to cope with the extra water flow rate & pressure. Please call or email us for more information or advice. Pool pumps are water lubricated, therefore you should never run them without water in the strainer pot. Pumps must also be fitted by qualified electrician – please do not attempt to fit one yourself.  In the winter you should drain your filtration to prevent frost damage as this type of damage is not warranted.