Amazon Folding Pool Enclosure

The Amazon Telescopic Swimming Pool Enclosure is a flexible, adaptable, and strong system that is perfect for awkwardly shaped pools. With an Amazon telescopic pool enclosure, you can rapidly open up your swimming pool in moments either entirely or partly. You can cover your swimming pool in the colder months and then fold your enclosure back up to enjoy the warmer months.

The structure of the telescopic enclosure is made from powder-coated aluminium framework with 2-meter-wide panels of a strong and flexible UV-protect PVC material. This enclosure is capable of folding 100% as each frame is linked to the next by a folding system. This system allows the complete enclosure to smoothly concertina as it moves on wheels off the pool area.

Our Amazon folding swimming pool enclosures are available in a variety of sizes, with the widest version being 10 meters. (and up to 15 meters for commercial models).

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