Aquavac Series 6 Robotic Cleaner

£1,599.00£1,785.00 (inc. VAT)

These Top of the Range cleaners maintain constant suction. The 18 hydrocyclones form a spiral of suction to pick up even the most troublesome debris. Suitable for all pool surfaces and pools up to 6m x 12m, the cleaner makes life easy.
Choose Your Options
There are 2 models available Aquavac 600 and Aquavac 650, both include:
  • 150 minute full cycle and 90 minute floor only cycle
  • 17m cord
  • 120v – 240v
  • Caddy
  • Touch free debris cannister
  • Full basket light sensor
  • Hexadrive system climbs and scrubs walls with 6 rugged variable speed driven rollers

In addition, the 650 comes with:
  • 90 minute waterline only cycle
  • Light show
  • Tug and catch retrieval
  • Remote control
  • Wifi app programming

Available with foam brushes for tiled mosaic and stainless steel pools and PVC brushes for liner, pvc, fibreglass and concrete pools.