Bali Octagonal 4.44m Wooden Pool (1.36m deep)

£4,129.00£4,595.00 (inc. VAT)

A luxury quality family pool, suitable for above-ground or built-in. An Interline Bali swimming pool will bring you years of carefree swimming fun. Interline did not only select the best “Nordic Pine” wood class 4 but also offers a simple and solid construction. Because of this, the Interline Bali swimming pool is easy to build; it will bring you – and that’s a guarantee! – at least 10 years of swimming fun.

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The “Nordic Pine” wood of the Interline Bali pool is known for its durability (class 4). Even in a wet environment, this type of wood remains in optimal condition for many years. The wooden beams are first dried to 18% – 22%, enabling class 4 impregnation. The class 4 impregnation printing technique is a vacuum printing technique, the impregnating agent is forced in the timber under pressure and thus penetrates deeper into the wood. The wooden beams are chromium-free impregnated. Furthermore, the wood is FSC-certified. The walls of the swimming pool are 45 mm thick and therefore extremely well thermally insulated.

The high-quality swimming pool foil is 70/100 mm thick. An Interline Bali swimming pool is built by stacking wooden beams. The beams slot together using a tongue and groove system to guarantee optimum resistance against water pressure. With the oval models, sideways water pressure is dealt with by the use of strong steel sections. The crosscuts are nicely finished to look good. This method is also used to cover the steel sections. Your Interline Bali swimming pool comes with extensive building instructions. Using the drawings and detailed explanations, you will be able to build your own swimming pool.

Pool accessories will incur additional delivery charges unless ordered with a Bali Pool.
Optional steel corner joints are available to add strength to the Bali pools, please call us on 0208 941 6618 to find out more.