Blue-Silver 400 Micron

£147.00£467.00 (inc. VAT)

Manufactured in the UK, the top selling Blue-Silver 400 Micron Swimming Pool Solar Cover is an energy-saving solar gain swimming pool cover that cuts energy losses and helps to extend your pool season. The cover acts like a floating solar panel to warm your pool water, whilst reducing evaporation which accounts for around 80% of heat loss. The cover has a blue top with a silver underside – the silver underside allows extra heat retention. Saving you money on your energy bill, the blue-silver 400 micron solar cover will recoup its purchase price in a very short time.

We can supply any size cover – Please call us on 0208 941 6618 or email us for more information and a competitive quote.

Our Blue/Silver solar cover is one of our top sellers and highly recommended.

Choose Your Options

We recommend that you have a rectangle of the maximum length and width of your pool, even for shaped pools. The solar cover material is easily cut to shape on-site with a sharp pair of scissors. but if you prefer factory shaping please call or email us for a price.

Please note: Covers are currently taking approximately 5 working days for delivery. Please call us for a more accurate lead time. 

Give your cover an edge with the Aquablade Leading Edge Towing System. For the effortless application of any cover, the Aquablade is unparalleled. Made from tough foam-filled netting, it will not fill with water and will keep the cover buoyant at all times.

The “DIY” leading edge can be fitted at home. It simply involves piercing holes in your cover, fixing the foam section and webbing onto the cover with press-fix connectors and then fixing the rope. We also offer a Factory Fitted Towing Kit which is attached in the factory.

  • Blue top with silver underside for extra heat retention
  • 400 micron
  • 368g/m,
  • Panel width 2060mm
  • 12mm standard ‘Bubble’ structure
  • Solar gain + insulation = massive energy savings
  • Excellent value
  • 3 year pro-rata warranty
  • Can be cut to shape with scissors, or pre-shaped in factory
  • Call or email us for a competitive quote
  • Please note: The material for any swimming pool cover comes in certain widths and there may be a join in a cover depending on pool size

How to care for your solar cover:

  • Solar covers will quickly overheat when removed from the pool and left in the sun, especially when on a reel – so always keep in the shade or use the solar protection sheet provided
  • Leave the cover off the pool for an hour or so after giving the water a chemical shock treatment – strong chemicals will gradually perish the material
  • Do not use in pools where the temperature is constantly over 29°C
  • Solar covers can be damaged by freezing water – use a proper debris cover when you shut the pool down over the winter

​PLEASE NOTE:- Upon delivery the outer packaging of the goods must be checked for signs of any damage whist in transit.  Any damage must be marked on the drivers paperwork as ‘damaged’ signing as unchecked is not acceptable or please refuse delivery.

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