Budget Heat Exchangers

These compact units are manufactured from stainless steel, with an inner coil for the hot water and an outer chamber through which the swimming pool water passes. You can plumb the heat exchanger in with its own motorised valve and/or central heating pump and its own pool temperature thermostat, so you don’t have to turn your boiler on and off to control the pool temperature.

• Certikin Finned Heat Exchanger Stainless Steel Grade 316
• Fabricated from grade 316 stainless steel – highly efficient & compact design.

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Available Sizes:

• 55,000 BTU S/S Heat Exchanger (16kW)
• 100,000 BTU S/S Heat Exchanger (30kW)
• 130,000 BTU S/S Heat Exchanger (38kW)
• 170,000 BTU S/S Heat Exchanger (50kW)
• 230,000 BTU S/S Heat Exchanger (67kW)
• 460,000 BTU S/S Heat Exchanger (135kW)

55,000 BTU S/S Heat Exchanger (16kW) Each kit includes:- Heat Exchanger, Honeywell Stat, Stat Pocket, Drilled & Threaded End Cap, and 1.5″ Comp Unions.

Please note:-
• These heat exchangers are not suitable for use with saltwater pools.
• The value of the unit should be matched to or below the heat value of the household heater.
• Care must be taken to ensure the pool water pH does not become too acidic.