Certikin Counter Current Unit

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The Certikin Counter Current Unit is designed for small domestic pools. The fully adjustable current allows you to swim at your own pace – as far as you like, for as long as you like.

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The Certikin Swimming Pool Counter Current Unit is specially designed with small pools in mind so that you can enjoy your pool and exercise at the same time.

The Counter Current system is equipped with a 3HP Certikin pump to provide a constant stream of water which enables you to swim on the spot. The adjustable current means that swimmers of all abilities can swim at their own pace as long as they like. A directional outlet on the allows a 15 degree inclination in any direction and also features an adjustable air/water mixer for a relaxing bubble massage effect.

What’s Included with the Certikin Swimming Pool Counter Current Unit:

  • Faceplate assembly and housing with jet
  • On / off controls
  • 3 HP pump (1 or 3 phase) with connection accessories (2x elbows, 2x valves – pipework not included)
  • Control box to activate the pump via faceplate controls
  • Air suction connection 20mm diameter with air button and flexible pipe
  • Directional inlet 41mm diameter which provides water and air regulation and up to 15 degrees movement

The housing should be installed during pool construction. The Countercurrent can be bought in the component parts as follows:

A- Faceplate Assemble and Housing

B- Pump Kit

C- Control Box

Or buy the complete Kit with all 3 components included.


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  • Flow Qmax – 40m3/h
  • Pump capacity – 3hp
  • Electrical requirements –220v or 380v
  • water return connection –90mm diameter
  • water impulsion connection – 75mm diameter
  • Air tube connection -20mm diameter

Only the Counter Current unit Faceplate assembly and housing is required at pool construction phase this enables pool construction at relatively low cost and allows full installation of the system at a later date if required. The pump should be installed as close as possible to the pool for maximum performance (within wiring regulations).

Instruction Manual:
Faceplate & Housing Assembly: