Certikin Genie Condensing Gas Heater

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The Genie S is a water-to-water heat exchanger that is manufactured in the UK by Certikin, and is one of the most efficient pool heaters available. Made with cupro-nickel tubes, it provides long lasting durability even on salt chlorinated pools. Using condensing technology, the gases travel through a heat exchanger where they are cooled and condensed, and the heat is recycled. As such, the Genie condensing gas heater is up to 94% efficient, compared to around 60-80% for most other gas-fired heaters – saving you money on your energy bill, and better for the environment.

Features of the Certikin Genie:

• Available in 20kW (68,000btu), 37kw (122,000btu) and 50kW (165,000btu) outputs
• Only one unit to stock for either natural or LPG – supplied natural gas with conversion kit to LPG included
• Tamper proof lockable pool temperature display in degrees C or F
• Up to 94% condensing efficiency – equivalent to Sedbuk A
• Running cost reduced by up to 30%.
Environmentally friendly
• Modulating output for accurate temperature control & increased efficiency
• IP44 for indoor or outdoor installations
• Quiet running, Lightweight compact design
• Pool connection left to right OR right to left
• Simple condensate disposal connections left or right side
• Pre-plumbed c/w a double non return valve & filling loop
• Plastic flue kits, push fit horizontal and/or vertical up to 20m
• Honeywell CVI controls, Multiple heater kit options
• CCP pool control panel compatible,  Wall mounting kit available
• Commissioning/diagnostic display with service required indicator (2,000 hours run time)
• Suitable for use with salt chlorinated pools up to 30,000 ppm


There are three sizes available:

  • Genie 20 – 20kW (68000BTU) Output
  • Genie 35 -37kW (122000BTU) Output
  • Genie 50 – 50kW (16500BTU) Output

We also offer a range of Balanced Flue Kits:

  • Genie Outdoor Terminal
  • Genie Horizontal Terminal
  • Genie Vertical Terminal Genie Horizontal/Vertical Extension Pipe
  • Genie 90 Flue Bend
  • Genie 45 Flue Bend – pair
  • Genie Wall Mount Kit

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