Certikin iSAVER

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The iSAVER Inverter is a low cost solution designed to greatly reduce the running costs of pool circulation pumps and improve the efficiency of swimming pool filtration.

Swimming pool pumps invariably run at higher flow rates than necessary. iSAVER Inverter technology enables you to control both pump flow-rates and pump run times.

Swimming pool pump energy conservation is evolving, it’s now possible to reduce the running costs of your pool pump by as much as 60% simply by linking your existing pool circulation pump to an inverter.

Compatible with most single phase pool pumps, the iSaver Pump Inverter also features an easy plug and play installation and reduces the noise of the pump by up to 25%.

It gives you full control over the pool pump operation, and  converts a standard single phase pump into a variable speed pump.

Electrical installation and connection is required, electrical connection should be carried out by a competent professional.

  • Set up to 4 x Timer Programmes per day each with an individual speed.
  • Improved filtration performance at lower speed (lower pressure in the filter allows better flow through the filter media).
  • Works with almost most single phase pool pumps (please read installation manual in downloads and call us if you are unsure or need advice)
  • Touch screen display.
Certikin iSAVER Instruction Manual: