Dantherm Wall Mounted Dehumidifiers (Non Ducted)

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The CDP range of dehumidifiers are the ideal choice for humidity control in an indoor swimming pool. They have been developed with a focus on quality, functionality and energy saving. Highly efficient fans and compressors, combined with a new advanced remote control option contribute to cost-efficient operation and significant energy savings. Available with separate LPHW and electric air heating coils which are easily then retrospectively fitted to the dehumidifier on site. These must be ordered separately.



  • Low sound level
  • Low energy consumption
  • Evaporator and condenser coils are epoxy coated
  • Metal parts are powder coated before assembly
  • Integrated control of heating and humidity (ON/OFF)
  • Building Management System (BMS) communication (Modbus)
  • USB gate
  • Direct connection of 230V on external box


The CDP is an energy efficient and quiet pool dehumidifier. It works in accordance with the condensation principle. A fan draws the humid air into the dehumidifier and through an evaporator coil. When passing through the evaporator the air is cooled down to below its dew point temperature, and its content of water vapour is condensed into water, which falls into the drip tray and then is led from the drip tray to a drain. The cold, dry air is then passed over the condenser coil where it is re-heated, before leaving the unit at a temperature, which is approx. 5°C higher than at the inlet. Built in electronic hygrostat and thermostat. Active, demand controlled defrosting.

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