Endless Pools Fastlane – Swimming Pool Counter Current

£8,379.00 (inc. VAT)

The Endless Pool Fastlane Counter Current System has an innovative, patented design that will transform your pool. With a hydraulically driven propeller instead of jet nozzles, this endless pool Fastlane is nearly twice as powerful as other swim jets and it creates a much wider stream of water. The Fastlane counter current system provides a smooth and quiet-flowing current that is fully adjustable for any level of swimmer.


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The Fastlane swim jet features a remotely located, 5 HP motor with a specially designed hydraulic pump that powers a propeller within the pool mounted swim unit. This keeps all of the electrics away from the poolside for safety. The innovative channelling system ‘straightens’ the water flow to create an extremely smooth-flowing current. The current flow is easily adjusted by changing the speed of the propeller at the touch of a remote-controlled button.

This endless pool Fastlane system is suitable for new (in-wall option) and existing pools (deck-mounted option), the Fastlane can be used in water as shallow as 99cm (39”).

The Fastlane counter current system can also be used with the LED Swim Pace Display, which can be placed wherever it is convenient and visible to the swimmer. This display is weather resistant but the reliability may be enhanced if it is placed in a somewhat protected environment that is free from frequent or heavy rainfall. The display has large, bright LED characters and a non-glare screen which makes it perfect for use in direct sunlight, although visibility may be improved if the unit is mounted under the shade. This display should be mounted somewhere near the pool where it is easily visible while swimming. The Velcro mounting tape allows you to attach the unit to virtually any surface.

Swim Pace Display Kit Includes:

  • Swim Pace Display unit.
  • 14” of Velcro tape.
  • 50’ of phone cord.
  • Water-tight enclosure fitting.
  • Reducing bushing.

To make the most out of your endless pool Fastlane system, you can also install the Fit@home app and WiFi kit on the newer Fastlane models. It works with your mobile device to control your endless pool Fastlane counter current system. The app allows you to create and customise your workouts with multiple exercises and intervals to accommodate to your personal needs.

The Floor Mirror is made from highly polished stainless steel and is dropped into the pool, in front of the Fastlane, so that the swimmer can study their own swimming technique. It is 25″ x 43″ and weighs approximately 3lbs.

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  • Suitable for most shapes or sizes of pool (free form, rectangular, gunite, vinyl, fiberglass)
  • Fits new pools and refurbishments (in wall option) & existing pools (deck mount option)
  • Patented technology
  • Available in platinum or sapphire blue
  • Wider & more powerful current
  • Easy Installation & maintenance
  • Driven by hydraulic power
  • 5HP power unit can be placed up to 200ft (60m) away
  • 16in propeller (approx. 40.6cm)
  • No electricity poolside
  • Remote controlled
  • Fully adjustable speed settings
  • Can be used in water as shallow as 99cm (39″)
  • Ideal for exercise, therapy and fun
  • VGB 2008 Compliant
  • 220 Volt, 30 amp RCD power required for the remote 5 HP motor
  • 5000 US gallons per minute
  • 2 year warranty
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