Fabrico Sun Dome

Fabrico Sun Domes are suitable for most types of above ground pools and they have also been designed to be simple to assemble and install. This sun dome enclosure can lengthen your swimming season as it provides protection against the elements and keeps out the dirt, leaves, and other debris. Another great benefit of the Fabrico pool dome is that it acts like a greenhouse as it warms up the air inside the dome. This can also help warm up your pool water for a more comfortable swimming environment.

The Fabrico sun dome can be tailor-made to fit any size pool and it will fit most rounded or oval-shaped above ground swimming pools. The clear 12-gauge vinyl enclosure is supported by a series of aluminium tubes and it is also heat-sealed to fit the tubes based on the pool specifications. Each pool dome enclosure has one door opening with two heavy duty two-sided nylon zippers, as well as a fibre-glass screened window flap for flow-through ventilation. The vinyl tabs hold the door and window flaps in place. The bottom edge of the enclosure is double-thickness (24-gauge) with neoprene shock cords to hold the pool dome enclosure securely over the pool framework.

Please note that these dome covers are not designed to take a snow load.

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