Heat Perfector Pro S Heat Pumps

The Heat Perfector Pro S is one of the fastest-heating and quietest pool heating pumps available. It now comes with an added insulation jacket and easy installation pads which absorb the vibrations of the pump and prevent any resonation being transmitted to the ground – extras which reduce the noise level by a further 20%. The unit features a unique ‘twisted’ shaped titanium heat exchanger with a larger heat transfer area which allows for greatly improved pool heating efficiency.

The unit features a powder-coated metal cabinet which is extremely durable, and the titanium heat exchanger is resistant to chlorine and salt. The clever digital display control panel not only enables you to set the temperature for your pool, but it also informs you on cooling liquid pressure, water flow and defrosting cycle. The power defrost system is the most efficient defrosting system on the market and does not use the heat from your pool like reverse-cycle heat pumps do. Its unique system diverts part of the compressed refrigerant gas to defrost the coil, while the rest of the gas is used to heat up your pool. The power defrost system allows you to extend your pool season either side of the ‘summer’ months.

Units are ideal for domestic pools and spas. They should ideally be installed outdoors and, as with any heat pump, you should always allow for adequate air flow to the unit.

Why Buy Heat Perfector Pro S Swimming Pool Heating Pumps from A G Budget Swimming Pools UK? 

If you’re looking for a clean and green way of heating your swimming pool, Heat Perfector Pro S heat pumps are a great option. With a great range of powerful and efficient pool heating pumps, the Heat Perfector pool heater selection is sure to have something that covers your needs.

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