Hydro Star from Binder

German technology brand Binder bring to the market their cutting edge counter current systems which enable you to enjoy the experience of lane swimming in a full sized pool, whatever the actual size of your swimming pool.

The Hydrostar provides a broad, even and powerful current.

Unlike conventional pump-assisted counter flow systems, HydroStar uses turbines to produce a broad, natural current, which both carries the body and challenges it. HydroStar offers the user many advantages. There are hardly any servicing costs, since there is no need for a dry room for the technical equipment. The turbines are installed underwater, which also means that HydroStar is quiet in operation.

A further plus-point is that the system is energy-efficient in use and requires significantly less electric power than pump-driven counter flow systems.

HydroStar is very simple to operate using a piezo button at the edge of the pool or via remote control. This allows users to adjust the force of the flow to suit their individual requirements.

The HydroStar turbine-powered swimming system can also be retrofitted to existing pools. The novel combi-shafts provide an uncomplicated means of increasing the power of the turbine-powered swimming system at any time.

Binder has also ensured that the system is safe. The new design of the cover plate with free turbine opening means that HydroStar satisfies DIN EN 16582-1, the new European standard for privately-used swimming pools.

Hydro Star is the system to use when installing a new pool.

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