Jet Swim 2000

£2,199.00£2,859.00 (inc. VAT)

The Jet Swim 2000 counter current unit has a pump capacity of 71 m3/h and it is an excellent way to build up your physical fitness. It features strong jet streams of 1,300 I/min which provide resistance for your training needs. This swimming pool jet can also give you a relaxing and bubbly pool to enjoy, making this counter current unit perfect for both training and relaxing. The swim jet has a motor capacity of 4.0kW which makes it very easy to train and improve your fitness.

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This swimming pool jet features a polished stainless-steel AISI 316 front plate with bronze housing and a bronze pump. This can be mounted into concrete, wood, or building block walls. The system is started via an On/Off button and the strength of the jet streams can be controlled by a rotating dial – both located on the front plate. The airflow and water flow can also be fully adjusted to suit your needs.


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Technical data

  • Motor: 4,0kW
  • Voltage: 230/400 V
  • Power: 8,1 A
  • Pump capacity: 71 m3/h
  • Pipe connection: 2½”


  • Bronze and acid proof stainless steel
  • Pump capacity at 71 m3/h
  • Adjustable water flow
  • Adjustable jet streams
  • Adjustable setting of the air mixture
  • Polished stainless steel front
  • High-class motor
  • Meets requirements of pool standard EN13451, EN16582, EN16713