Jet Vag

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The Jet Vag Counter Current System is easy to install, and will create a bubbly and invigorating water stream in your pool. With a patented air and water flow rate management system on the central nozzle, the Jet Vag is a fantastic choice.

The unit has a larger 42mm (instead of 35mm), adjustable, pivoted, high flow nozzle, and forces water though at high speed. Fully adjustable, you can change the resistance to suit your pace. Units are supplied with a remote control, and are available with a white front panel.

The perfect blend of flow rate, pressure and air at the nozzle exit. Exceptional swimming effect and performance. Patented air and water flow rate management system on the central nozzle. The New Jet Vag can be fitted in any type of swimming pool. When construction starts do not forget to make allowance for it in the structure.

  • With resin motor
  • Including remote control
  • High flow nozzle with Ø42mm instead of Ø35mm, allowing greater flow.

Please call us on 0208 941 6618 or email us for more information or technical advice.

  • Available in 2HP, 3HP (single-phase) or 4HP (three-phase)
  • Patented system
  • Current is fully adjustable – swim at your own pace
  • Adjustable, pivoted, high flow nozzle is 42mm instead of 35mm – allowing greater flow
  • Swing & tilt to change direction
  • Air intake suction tube for stronger & more bubbly current
  • Resin-sealed motor
  • Includes remote control
  • Attractively designed front facia with pneumatic push-button
  • Front panel available in white, grey, light blue, or sand
  • Housing for pre-installation through pool wall with check valve and air induction tubes
  • Electropneumatic control panel with air relays and RCD protection
  • Complete with valves and elbows – ready to connect to your own 63mm swimming pool pipe
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • ​Please note:- There is no pipework supplied with the Jet Vag
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