Niveko Overflow Endless Pool

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Overflow pools are very popular in the public and private wellness sector. The Niveko Overflow Endless Pool is ideal for uneven terrain and is completely customisable with no limits on dimensions and shape. The pool water flows over the stone-finished edge at the ‘endless’ side, creating a beautiful and relaxing effect. A range of different pool beaches and steps (which can be finished with natural stone) are available with the Niveko Endless pool system.

All Niveko pre-formed pools are made from 100% highest quality Polystone material. Polystone is a unique material, so named because of its ‘stone-like’ look and feel, and is made up largely of polyurethane resin mixed with powdered stone additives and Ultra Violet (UV) and chemical stabilisers. This material is extremely strong, wear-resistant, and durable. The pool structure is manufactured by the welding of Polystone plates which are completely homogenous across their cross-section, meaning that osmosis is impossible.

Pools are available in a choice colour, and are supplied with insulated walls and floor, intergrated pipework, and fittings and fixings including: lights, steps, jets, and slatted cover. Please refer to the options below.

It is possible to combine colours, for example: you could choose light blue walls and floor, and white steps. Colour is disributed throughout the material, not just as a top-coat or multi-layered colour.

An over-dig of only 35cm is required for the installation of all Niveko Pools. A flat, level concrete base must be laid to take the weight of the pool and once the piping is laid to the plant room, the pool can be backfilled with dry, lean concrete mix and finished with a concrete ring beam. Concreting is done in three stages – each time filling the pool with one third of water before pouring the dry, lean mix around the perimeter of the pool.

As standard, the Niveko Overflow Endless Pool is supplied with the following:

Specifics – Standard
Wall thickness 8mm
Floor thickness 6mm
Thermal insulation 30mm
Static frame 15mm
Piping Yes
Jets PVC Astral
Lights PVC Astral LED
Cover Slatted automated

A range of options are available for you to choose:

Shape Any (please contact us to discuss your requirements)
Size (length, width & depth)  Any (please contact us to discuss your requirements)
Colours All (please contact us for details)
  • Internal corner steps square
  • Internal corner steps rounded
  • Steps mounted all over the width
  • External steps square
  • External steps rounded
  • Modern corner steps
  • Modern corner steps with a beach
Cover Choice of slats available (please contact us for details)
Cover solution Bench
Overflow (finish) Nature
  • PVC Praher with stainless steel cover
  • Stainless steel Behncke round
  • Stainless steel Behncke 4 round
  • Recessed
  • PVC Astral LED with stainless steel cover
  • Stainless steel Behncke LED EVA round
  • Recessed
  • Milano beach
  • Beach for a pool bed Cloe
  • Stone on the steps
  • Apollo steps
  • Milano steps
  • Pool bed Cloe


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