Pool Solar

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PoolSolar Solar Heating is a low-cost alternative to heating your above or inground swimming pool throughout the Summer months. In this country, unheated swimming pools only reach a pleasant temperature for a few days a year. Installing a PoolSolar system will enable you to increase your pool temperature to a pleasant level that will result in you enjoying and using your pool more than ever before, and what’s more, it’s free.

Features Include:

• Available in 2 sizes, box A 4m2 and box B 5m2 for easy installation.
• Utilise the sun’s natural energy
• Extend your swimming season
• Easy to install
• EPDM high-quality runner
• Maintenance free
• 5-year warranty

PoolSolar is an excellent, pollution-free, and cost-effective way to heat your pool water through the summer months. It works by passing the filtered pool water through strips of solar matting which is heated by the sun’s rays.  The matting is pre-fitted to PVC manifolds that are connected to each other.  The manifolds must be plumbed directly to the filtration plant.  PoolSolar is easy to install on any surface and can be placed on the ground or on a roof. For sloping roofs, optional support kits are available at a low cost. For installations higher than about 4m, a vacuum breaker valve is required, the heating efficiency of PoolSolar is directly related to climatic conditions. Although it works even in cloudy conditions, we do suggest you invest in a backup heating option to give your pool a ‘boost’ as needed.


  • Pool Solar 4m² Box Kit ‘A’ – includes 3m x 33cm x 4 Rolls – £379
  • Pool Solar 5m² Box Kit ‘B’ – includes 5m x 33cm x 3 Rolls – £414


  • Pool Solar Vacuum Breaker (for installations above 4m high) – £79
  • 3-way Valve – £60
  • Roof Support Angle per 2m Length – £11
  • 300ml Roof Fixing Paste (2 x Tubes per Box) – £15
  • Electric Solar Control System – £915
  • .50 hp Aquamite Booster Pump 7000lit / 1540 gls – £410
  • Booster Pump Control Sensor – £439

Please Note:

A sunny position to ensure maximum heat absorption.

A maximum working pressure should not be above 1.5BAR (22psi). A heat retention cover should be used overnight when the pool is not in use.

All pipework must be drained for the winter period.

Your citculation pump must have adequate flow to reach the solar matting at roof level.

The amount of solar matting required depends on your pool size.  Under normal conditions you need to use only half the surface area of your pool as the collector surface i.e… a 30′ x 15′ pool is 450 sqft, therefore approximately 225sqft of PoolSolar matting is required.

4m2 Box Contains:

4 x solar collectors (0.33m wide x 3m long) -4m sq

8m nylon band to attach to headers and the absorber

2 adapters 50mm (ABS)

2 threaded adapters and stops 1.5″ (ABS)

2 reducing sockets (ABS)

5m2 Box Contains:

3 x solar collectors (0.33m wide x 5m long) – 5m sq

10m nylon band to attach to headers and the absorber

2 adapters 50mm (ABS)

2 threaded adapters and stops 1.5″ (ABS)

2 reducing sockets (ABS)


Pool Solar Box

Some pool sizes result in requiring an additional half box, but this is not possible to supply. Therefore, we have shown the minimum and optimum number of rolls required. For above ground swimming pools we have reduced the amount of solar collectors by 20% to allow for heat absorbtion through the steel wall structure.

Note. You will need to purchase enough solar matting to cover 50% of the pool surface area.



In addition, you may also need the following:

  • PoolSolar Vacuum Breaker (for installations above 4m high)
  • 3 Way Valve
  • Roof Support Angle
  • Roof Fixing Paste
  • Solar Control System
  • Booster Pump 0.5hp Aquamite (7000lt/1540gls)
  • Booster Pump Sun Sensor

If a heat retention cover is not to be applied overnight you will need to double the quantities below.

Inground Pools Number of boxes required
Length x Width Sqft    Sqm    Box A
4 Sqm
Box B
5 Sqm
24′ x 12′ 288       26.76        3-4    3
26′ x 13′ 338       31.40        4    3
28′ x 14′ 392       36.42        4-5    4
30′ x 14′ 420       39.02        5    4
30′ x 15′ 450       41.81        5    4
32′ x 16′ 512       47.57        6    5
36′ x 18′ 648       60.20       7-8    6
40′ x 20′ 800       74.32        9    7-8

Above Ground Pools


Number of boxes required

Length x Width Sqft    Sqm    Box A
4 Sqm
Box B
5 Sqm
19′ x 12′ 228    21.18        2    2
23′ x 12′ 276    25.64        2-3    2
30′ x 15′ 450    41.81        4    3
33′ x 18′ 594    55.18       5-6    4-5
12′ 113.04    10.50        1    1
15′ 176.625    16.41        2    1-2
18′ 254.34    23.63        2-3    2
21′ 346.185    32.16        3    2-3

  • Suitable for above ground & in ground pools
  • Suitable for domestic or commercial use
  • EPDM high-quality rubber
  • Easy to install on any surface
  • Maintenance-free
  • Automatic control system available
  • 5 year warranty
  • Installations higher than 4m require a vacuum breaker
  • Optional support kits available for installations on sloping roofs
  • Please note:- An only requirement is a sunny place i.e. south facing to ensure maximum heat absorption.  For south-east and southwesterly facing positions in cooler climates, the PoolSolar matting should be increased by 35-40%
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