Resilience E Salt Chlorinators

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The Resilience E Natural Salt Chlorinator uses a unique design which simplifies its installation and maintenance leaving you more time to enjoy your pool rather than maintain it.

The Resilience Natural Salt Chlorinator is a unique salt system which uses a very low concentration of salt (less than the concentration of a human teardrop) and converts it into free chlorine that destroys algae and bacteria in the pool. Once the algae and bacteria are destroyed, the chlorine reverts back into salt. This purification cycle continues eliminating the need to add extra sanitizing chemicals.

  • Simplest installation on the market
  • Designed to work with variable speed pumps
  • Bi-Directional flow sensor
  • Double “low flow” protection
  • Full range input voltage 110-220 vac
  • Built in salinity and water temperature sensors
  • Replaceable electrolysis cartridge

Control Panel Display

  • 24 hours super chlorination mode
  • Service and maintenance built in alerts
  • 4 button operation
  • Cell life low LED indicator
  • Clean cell identification and alert

Please note :

  • Suitable for private pools
  • Maximum pool size is subject to using Cyanuric Acid to balance pool water
  • This model is not recommended for use In special pools (Overflow Pools, Lap Pools, Hydrotherapy Pools, Public/Commercial Pools) or in cases of heightened Chlorine demand (such as warmer climates, high bathers load etc)

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