Scuba 3s Pool Water Tester

£175.00 (inc. VAT)

The Scuba is a must-have at every pool worldwide. The new generation of the popular electronic pool tester now makes monitoring pool hygiene even faster, more versatile, more handy and easier. Mobile analysis management included!

With 11 tests, the Scuba3s offers even more possibilities to control the water quality in the pool based on the most important ingredients. For this purpose, choose with just a few button presses: chlorine (total, free, bound), bromine, pH value, alkalinity-m, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid, active oxygen, copper and phosphate provide information on whether the water quality in the pool is correct. The measuring process is now even faster.

The PoolAssistant app helps you to evaluate the measurement results. After transfer via NFC, up to 3 users can immediately call up the data for each control parameter for a maximum of 5 pools. The app also classifies the results as diagrams for you and gives you tools for the right pool care, the appropriate chemistry and water quality.

  • Wireless data transfer via NFC
  • All important pool parameters
  • Light signal (green/red) to indicate safe water conditions
  • Lovibond PoolAssistant app for pool maintenance & measurement results

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The Scuba 3s expands your options with 11 tests, allowing precise control over your pool’s water quality by focusing on key elements. With just a few button presses, you can measure –

Chlorine 0.1 – 6ppm (total, free, combined)
Bromine 0.2 – 13.5ppm
pH 6.5 – 8.5
Total Alkalinity 5 – 300ppm
Calcium Hardness 50 – 500ppm
Cyanuric Acid 20 – 120ppm
Active Oxygen 0.2 – 10ppm
Copper 0.1 – 5ppm
Phosphate 0.06 – 3ppm

These tests provide crucial insights into whether your pool’s water quality meets the required standards.

The NFC Chip
The passive NFC chip integrated into the Scuba 3s facilitates seamless wireless data transmission to an external device equipped with an active NFC reader, such as a smartphone. Just bring your mobile phone near the Scuba3s, and all data is instantly transferred to the device. Every record, comprising the device’s serial number, firmware version, method name and number, measurement dates and times, results, and units, is transmitted simultaneously and readily accessible in the PoolAssistant app for assessment. Furthermore, a cloud service is provided for data storage.
The Pool Assistant App
The PoolAssistant app simplifies the analysis of measurement results. By transferring data via NFC, it allows up to three users to instantly access data for each control parameter across a maximum of five pools. Additionally, the app presents the results in easy-to-understand diagrams and provides tools for effective pool care, including guidance on appropriate chemistry and maintaining water quality.

Light Signals
The Scuba3s promptly indicates the suitability of the measurement result through the coloured backlight of its display. A green light signals that the measurement falls within the ideal range, allowing you to enjoy your pool time worry-free. However, a red light signals caution, indicating that the measurement result exceeds or falls below the globally accepted safe swimming range. When reviewing data using the PoolAssistant app, results are colour-coded with green and red signals for easy interpretation. Additionally, the app assists in identifying potential causes for any discrepancies.

Scuba3s In plastic box
20 DPD No.1 tablet reagents
20 Phenol Red Photometer tablet
10 DPD No.3 Evo tablet reagents
10 CyA-Test tablet reagents
10 Alka-M-Photometer tablet reagents
10 Calcio-H No.1 tablet reagents
10 Calcio-H No.2 tablet reagents
Instruction manual
2 Batteries (AA)
blue lid
Stirring rod

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