Slidelock Gearbox Kit

£294.00 (inc. VAT)

An Innovative, Affordable solution

Whatever size the pool, winding a cover off can be hard work. Motorised systems are a great option, but the high cost can be prohibitive. Plus, the mechanics needed to make them work means they can often look large and cumbersome, not enhancing the look of a lovely pool.

The reduction Gearbox was created to make these concerns a thing of the past. It ís a simple, highly effective 3:1 ratio gearbox which makes light work of winding a cover onto a reel. It has been specifically designed to be retrofitted to the Plastica Slidelock reel, making it an affordable option for everyone.

A Retro-Fit 3:1 Gear Box for Plastica Slidelock Domestic Swimming Pool Cover Reel System is supplied pre-assembled with steering wheel and end boss.

  • Safe & easy to use
  • Maintenance free
  • Neat & compact
  • Simple & effective
  • Fits both of Plastica Slidelock domestic reels
  • Discreet and made to match the original boss
  • 3:1 reduction makes winding reels easy
  • Retro-fits to existing reels on site
  • Comes complete with all necessary tools and instructions
  • Aerospace industry gearing for strength & reliability
  • Supplied pre-assembled with Steering wheel and end boss