Variheat Series II

The Calorex Variheat Series 2 is an economical and comprehensive system that can perform three tasks with one unit. This system controls the humidity levels, provides your pool with warm dry air, and it can warm up your swimming pool water. This Calorex dehumidifier and heat ventilation system also incorporates a fully integrated control package.

The Calorex Variheat Series 2 is ideal for most domestic pools and it can also be connected to your domestic boiler to provide it with low pressure hot water (LPHW), which is used to warm up the water through a heat exchanger. The Variheat continually monitors the humidity in the pool hall, and once it rises above the level selected, it begins to extract moisture to ensure a correct humidity level is maintained. This economic system recovers sensible and latent energy from the air during this dehumidification process and recycles it via an internal heat pump circuit – it then uses this heat to warm the pool air and water. The Calorex Varihieat Series 2 units also include an automatically controlled pool water heat exchanger and air heater battery (fed by hot water from a separate boiler) for additional heating.

These compact units are vertically configured, minimising the space required – ideal if space is restricted. They are available with either a top or bottom outlet to suit the ductwork layout.


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