Vent-Axia HR500 Through-the-Wall Unit

Vent-Axia HR500 Heat Recovery Unit (formerly the Indux 1) is an ideal solution for controlling moisture, mould, and odours in the pool environment whilst recovering up to 70% of the heat from the stale pool air. This self-contained, through the wall unit is the perfect solution for commercial pool halls where a high performance system is required.

The HR500 is an ‘intelligent’, high performance, and energy efficient system that simultaneously extracts air from inside and supplies fresh air from outside. Both air streams are passed through a specially designed polymeric plastic heat exchanger which extracts heat from the stale air from the pool hall, and pre-warms the fresh air supply. This heat exchanger retrieves heat that would otherwise be lost, whilst consuming no power at all itself.

Speed is fully controllable and there is also the facility to reverse the supply air fan and provide ‘double extraction’ for warmer periods where heat loss is desirable. The unit should be ducted to the atmosphere using an integral wall liner, should fit wall thicknesses between 450mm and 670mm, and should have washable reticulated foam filters provided in the supply and extract airflows.

Two models are available:

  • HR500 – Standard model with fitted shutters. Weighs 16kg
  • HR500X – Has all the features of the HR500 with the addition of integral shutters. Weighs 19kg

Optional Extras:

HR500 Controller (Surface Mounted)

  • Has knock-outs for recessed wiring or surface wiring
  • One controller will operate a maximum of two HR500 or HR500X units
  • Features on / off / sensor modes
  • Choice of heat exchange or high/low speed extract fan mode
  • Infinitely variable speed control from low to high
  • Adjustable minimum speed
  • With integral thermal cut-out and circuit fuse protection
  • An optional flush fitting metal wall box is available for use with the surface mounting model for conduit connection. Requires 5-core cable. Requires a hole for the wall box measuring 80mm (height) x 150mm (width) x 50mm (depth)

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