Vent-Axia HRV200V Fully Remote Unit

The Vent-Axia HR200V Heat Recovery Unit is a fully remote, self-contained unit designed for mounting in a cupboard, a ceiling void or above a suspended ceiling. The unit controls internal relative humidity and is an ideal solution for controlling moisture, mould, and odours in the pool environment whilst recovering up to 70% of the heat from the stale pool air. It is suitable for domestic and commercial applications.

The HR200V is an ‘intelligent’, high performance, and energy efficient system that simultaneously extracts air from inside and supplies fresh air from outside. Both air streams are passed through a specially designed plastic heat exchanger which extracts heat from the stale air from the pool hall, and pre-warms the fresh air supply. This heat exchanger retrieves heat that would otherwise be lost, whilst consuming no power at all itself.

The HR200V is fully controllable for speed via an electronic controller, and features a low speed for trickle ventilation mode. At low speeds, the unit is extremely quiet.

Four spigots are provided for simple connection to 150mm flexible ducting. Please note: when passing through an unheated area, insulated ducting should be used.

Optional Extras:

150VA Transformer – for maximum controllability

This surface mounting transformer has six voltage selections for trickle settings to match dwelling volume. It can provide boost/trickle ventilation when used with humidity sensors or a manual switch.

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