Vulcan Multi Tubular Heat Exchanger

Vulcan Multi-tubular Heat Exchangers are fantastic quality heating systems, suitable for use with gas and oil fired boiler circuits, solar panels, and heat pumps. Pool water passes through the tube side of the heat exchanger (which is installed in the pool filtration circuit) and water from the primary heating circuit flows counter-current through the shell side of the exchanger, heating the pool water.

The heat exchanger features a densely populated multi-tubular pure titanium tube bundle, secured by a unique polyamide/rubber tube sheet. The shell is manufactured from BS 316 stainless steel, and is capped at each end with primary and secondary moulded polymer alloy fittings. The system has two swivel feet, and can be wall mounted or floor-standing, as required.

The heat exchanger kit includes:

  • 2 x 1in male/male brass primary connections
  • 1 x 1in non-return valve
  • Titanium thermostat pocket
  • 1 x blanking cap & gasket (for non-thermostat side)

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