Zodiac Baracuda R3 Suction Cleaner

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The Baracuda R3 pool suction cleaner is ideally used for inground pools and connects to either a vac point on the wall or uses your skimmer suction point.

It is suitable for most types of pool surfaces i.e. tiled, liner, concrete, vinyl, fibreglass etc. and is supplied with 10 metres of hose.

Zodiac Baracuda R3 Pool Suction Cleaner Features:

  • Automated cleaning which uses a Hydraulic Suction
  • The R3 is lightweight and very simple to use and set up
  • Designed with one moving part – the Duralife Diaphragm.  The strong reinforced outer ribbing makes the diaphragm significantly more durable than competitive products.  The diaphragm is super easy to clean or replace and provides long-lasting efficient suction
  • Extremely quiet
  • 10 metres of Twist & Lock Hose
  • Rotating Wheel Deflector for added assistance with easy navigation around corners, steps, ladders and drains
  • Minimum Pump Requirement: 1/2 Horse Power
  • 24 Month Warranty (Does not include the diaphragm)
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