Solar Shower


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This eco friendly 20 Litre Solar Shower is perfect for showering by the pool. Manufactured from weather-proof, non-corrosive materials, the shower unit is durable and long-lasting and will look great in your pool or patio area. It is simple to install and mounts to any flat surface.

The electricity-free system absorbs the sun's energy and uses it to heat up the water for your shower inside the integral collector tanks. SImply connect the shower to a single cold water feed via a standard garden hose - no plumbing is required. Water is heated up in as little as one hour, and with hot and cold temperature controls, you can vary the temperature of your shower as you please.

Encourage bathers to take a quick shower before entering the pool to help reduce lotions, cosmetics, dirt and grass etc. from entering your pool.

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*All prices are inclusive of VAT
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