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How Do I Maintain My Swimming Pool? June 20, 2021
A clean and functional swimming pool can become the aesthetic centerpiece to a beautiful back garden or home, but your pool can quickly become unusable if not maintained properly. A build-up of dirt or algae can stop you from being able to swim while a leak or damaged filter can lead to a lot of […]
How Long Does It Take To Renovate a Pool? June 15, 2021
A swimming pool can be a wonderful addition to your home or garden, but when it stops functioning or no longer fits its intended purpose, it can become an eyesore and waste of space. There are many reasons why pool renovation might be the option for you, such as if you’ve brought a new home […]
Should I go for a Pool Heater or a Heat Pump for my Swimming Pool? June 10, 2021
The practicality of a swimming pool is limited to the months that you are able to use it, fortunately by adding a heater to your pool you can make it more practical longer. There are two primary types of heaters that are utilised in order to provide heat to your pool with there being slight […]
Thinking of Buying a Pool During Lockdown? Here Are Some Things You May Need to Know. June 5, 2021
With many businesses only just opening their doors and many children recently starting to go back to school, times are uncertain in the wake of the global pandemic and regardless of your beliefs or opinions, it’s clear to see that the world will take time to recover and many will be confined to a ‘stay […]