Above Ground Pool Coving

£17.00 (inc. VAT)

Easy Cove comes in 48″ (1.22m) lengths.  It is designed to create a 45 degree angle where the pool wall meets the floor and to provide a smooth surface for the liner.

Most above ground pool manufacturers’ instructions specify that this is done with ‘sifted dirt’ or ‘ washed builders sand’. Installing Easy Cove is an easier process that allows you to customise your pool. It is useful in any above-ground pool installation, as it creates smooth finish for your pool liner.


Suggested amounts:

  • 12ft Diameter 10 lengths
  • 15ft Diameter 12 lengths
  • 16ft Diameter 13 lengths
  • 18ft Diameter 15 lengths
  • 21ft Diameter 17 lengths
  • 24ft Diameter 19 lengths
  • 17ft to 19ft x 12ft Oval 13 lengths
  • 20ft x 12ft Oval 14 lengths
  • 24ft x 12ft Oval 16 lengths
  • 30ft x 15ft Oval 20 lengths
  • 28ft x 16ft Oval 20 lengths
  • 33ft x 18ft Oval 22 lengths

One Length = £17

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