Blue Lagoon Xpose

£65.00£369.00 (inc. VAT)

A plug-and-play concept that’s powerful, affordable, and easy to install. Now literally all pool owners can enjoy safe and healthy swimming water sustained by UV-C technology. Xpose is a new floor-standing UV-C made especially for above-ground pools and small inground pools.

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Please note that the Blue Lagoon must be installed as per the instruction manual.

Lamp Power42 Watts
Supply Voltage230 V 50/60Hz
Max Input Current0.25 A
Lamp Life9,000 hours
Content10 litres
Rec. flow for 30 mJ/cm2<15 m3/h - 230 L/min.
Max. flow15 m3/h - 250L/min.
Max. pressure1 bar - 15.5 psi
Pressure loss0.027 bar @ 5m3/h
0.11 bar @ 10.5 m3/h
0.21 bar @ 15 m3/h
Max. temperature40 degrees C / 104 degrees F
Min. temperature1 degree C / 34 degrees F
Connection size50 mm hard tube & 32 or 38 mm flexible hose (tubes and hoses are not included)
MaterialHigh quality copolymer
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