BWT P500 Robotic Cleaner

£1,319.00 (inc. VAT)

BWT robotic cleaners feature the most powerful suction of any robot on the market. They can achieve up to twice the suction power through precise adjustment of the nozzles.

The closer they are to the surface being vacuumed, the more powerful the suction. The suction can be adjusted to efficiently capture the type of debris to be picked up. For example, the nozzles can be set down low to effortlessly remove every grain of sand.

BWT robotic pool cleaners are fitted with a 4D filter, an exclusive four-dimensional filter that cleans four times better than any other. 4D Filter technology exploits a filter fabric that features loops to capture the tiniest particles, up to 2 microns in diameter. BWT robotic pool cleaner guarantees the finest filtration currently available on the swimming pool market.

They are perfect for pools, of any shape or size, fitted with liners or tiles. With their PVA wheels and brushes, BWT robots easily navigate any type of surface. BWT robotic cleaners are intuitive and easy to use: just turn it on, select the appropriate program, dirty or very dirty and sit back and relax!

The safety of users is of utmost importance. This is why BWT robotic pool cleaners run off a low voltage transformer and are fitted with a switch with an automatic stop, as required by European standards. The devices are also equipped with in-water and out-of-water safety mechanisms.

BWT robots are quick and fast cleaning. They feature an intelligent and exclusive Smart navigation system. Comprised of a gyroscope and an algorithm, the navigation system scans and detects obstacles, and then computes the cleaning path. The pool floor is perfectly clean with a minimum number of passes and in record time.

  • Unmatched suction power
  • The finest filtration capacity on the market
  • Ideal for any pool
  • Fast cleaning
  • Safe and reliable
  • Simple and practical
Pool Surface Areaup to 80 m2
Cleaning Cycle Duration2 hours
Cleaning TypeFloor, walls & water line
Brush TypePVA + Vibrating Brush
Filtration4D Filter (x2)
Navigation SystemSmart Navigation
Filtration Finesse2 Microns
Drive SystemUltimate Power
Anti Tangle SwivelYes
Cable Length
Adjustable Nozzles
Dimensions39.1 x 43 x 23.4cm
Storage AccessoryTrolley
Guarantee3 Years