Certikin PU6 Quick Change LED – White

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High-intensity LED lighting:
Environmentally friendly thanks to its long life (up to 100,000 hours) and high energy efficiency (uses 90% less power than a traditional lighting system).

Certikin white LED light:
• Power supply 12v
• Power consumption 16W – white (24VA)
• Initial output 1485 (white) lumens
• IPX8 protection
• 24VA

A revolution in underwater lighting design, the bulb in a PU6 Quick Change Underwater light is held in place by a threaded ring without the need for fixing screws. This unique design enables speedy maintenance and bulb changing with no special tools required. For ease of installation, the niche can be fitted with a puddle flange (no leak flange) for concrete pools. It has a low front edge to aid gunite installations and has an adjustable fascia ring to allow variance in tiling and screeding depths.

The light is available in two options Concrete or Liner.

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  • Option of vertical or horizontal 0.75” BSP connections for cable exit from the rear.
  • Low front edge to aid gunite installation.
  • Comes with adjustable facsia ring to allow for variance in tiling and screeding depths.
  • Manufactured from high quality ABS that is resistant to chemicals and UV.
  • The gland nuts have been ergonomically designed for hand tightening to prevent the gland rubber from being crushed due to over tightening with a spanner.
  • Fascia ring overlap of 10mm to provide a perfect finish on tiled pools.



  • Locks into the niche body without screws preventing the guts from floating out of the niche, and making it easier to fit the finishing cover after a bulb change.
  • Lamp housing has locating points to align the bulb correctly.
  • A threaded ring holds the lamp in position on a new purpose made gasket. With no screws, nuts or bolts to undo, no tools are required for a quick bulb change.
  • Available with 3m, 5m and 8m cable lengths (other lengths available on request).
  • Comes in 300W PAR56 bulb or LED configuration.
  • Clear protective lens cover fitted as standard.
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