Certikin UV-C

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Bring Water to Life with Certikin UV-C

CUVs ensure that the swimming pool water will have amazing clarity by killing the single-cell algae that cause green water. All of the CUV units have been designed using the latest design technology to ensure that the water will flow effectively within the unit, allowing the ultraviolet light to destroy the algae as it passes through. The CUV has a low-energy electronic ballast, fused with thermal overload protection. It can also withstand up to 4 Bar pressure.The CUV is fully serviceable. The lamp and control box can both be replaced. The control box is fitted to a bracket which also allows the CUV to be wall mounted horizontally or vertically. Up to the 75w, all units have 1.5” connections. The 110w and 220w are 2”. All units are compatible with salt chlorinators. The CUV is covered by a 1 year warranty.

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Replacement Lamps – The approximate lifespan of a Certikin UV bulb is 9,000 hours (approximately 1 year). The bulb should be replaced after this running time.

The UV systems from Certikin are simple to install and are supplied with stainless steel mounting brackets for either horizontal or vertical installation. All units are supplied with unions, and flexible hose connectors or metric fittings can be supplied upon request. Make enough room left to slide out the bulb when replacing.

NB. It is recommended that you use a UV Strainer with any UV System. This should be installed downstream of the lamp as a safety feature in the unlikely event that the lamp breaks the filter and stops the glass from ending up in the pool.

Note: It is important to ensure that a residual sanitiser (such as chlorine or bromine) is present in the water to keep the water clean and healthy to swim in.

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Max. Flow Rate m37.5101520252525
For swimming pools up to (m3)1525305575110150
Number of bulbs1 x 15W1 x 25W1 x 15W1 x 55W1 x 75W2 x 55W4 x 55W
Bulb life (hours)9,0009,0009,0009,0009,0009,0009,000
Inlet / Outlet1.5"1.5"1.5"1.5"1.5"2"2"



15w UV Clarifier525mm (L) x 88mm (W) x 167mm (H)
25w UV Clarifier525mm (L) x 88mm (W) x 167mm (H)
30w UV Clarifier995mm (L) x 88mm (W) x 167mm (H)
55w UV Clarifier995mm (L) x 88mm (W) x 167mm (H)
75w UV Clarifier1297mm (L) x 88mm (W) x 167mm (H)
110w UV Clarifier1040mm (L) x 170mm (W) x 285mm (H)
220w UV Clarifier1091mm (L) x 170mm (W) x 756mm (H)