Dover White Copings Sets

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The new Dover White range is specifically designed to replace traditional 9” and 12” concrete pre-cast coping stones making them the ideal choice for refurbishments as well as newly constructed pools.

Available exclusively from Certikin, Dover White coping stones are made from sandstone and are both functional and modern looking. They are sawn on all six sides ensuring a flat surface all round making them easy to lay as well as preventing the collection of water and dirt on the surface.

The surface of each stone is also honed to give a smooth finish however the natural suction of the pores in the stone make it slip resistant – a necessity for pool surrounds.

Important product information:
Dover White coping stones are made from natural stone therefore there will be variations in colour and texture. To ensure that Dover White copings will be a suitable replacement, please check the dimensions of existing copings and compare with those shown above before ordering. It is important the copings are sealed when they are first laid using the recommended product. If this process is not completed, we cannot be held liable for any discolouration or staining.

Roman end kits are made to order and have a 2 week lead time.

Dover White is a very porous material therefore, we highly recommend the application of RPB Patio Sealer to ensure it maintains it’s beautiful finish. By applying this product, it will provide a protective repellent layer to stop staining of the stone from water or oil-based dirt as well as other grime. Firstly, apply a light coat and let it dry, then apply several saturation coats of the sealant until the stone is fully sealed. You can tell the stone is sealed with a water test. Sprinkle water on to the stone. If the water sits like mercury on the top of the stone it is sealed. If any water soaks into the stone, it requires further sealant. It is imperative that the sealing process is carried out correctly when the stone is first laid.

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