Fluvo X-Jet High Power Counter Current Unit

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The Fluvo X-Jet High Power Counter Current Unit is a unique and powerful counter current unit. Rather than creating a stream of water directed at a single point, the wide area output flow of the X-Jet creates a uniform current around your entire body, just like a wave in the ocean. A luxurious way to relax or exercise, the X-Jet is suitable for any size pool, including smaller pools.

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The unit has an extremely flat profile (only 25mm in height), and an adjustable water flow which is controlled through pump systems. These also feature energy saving frequency converters. The system is controlled via touch-sensitive buttons on the front face plate.

The system includes 2 certified secur 40 suction niches according to DIN 13451 to maximise safety. Please contact us for advice regarding positioning of the 2 suction niches to ensure optimum performance.

The complete motor kit for Single Phase X-Jet Fluvo includes: 2 x 2.2kw, 2900rpm, single phase motors, 2 x control boxes with converter and pipework manifold for x-jet and secur 40 suctions.


Please call us on 0208 941 6618 or email us for more information, technical advice, or a competitive quote.

  • Flow Rate: Single phase – 70m3/h
  • Flow Rate: 3 phase – 80m3/h
  • Power: Single Phase – 2 x 2.2kW
  • Power: 3 Phase – 1 x 5.5kW
  • Flow Velocity at the Nozzle: Single Phase – 6.5m/s
  • Flow Velocity at the Nozzle: Single Phase – 7.4m/s
  • Control: Pressure sensitive
  • Flow Regulation: Single phase – 2 stages
  • Flow Regulation: 3 Phase – 6 stages
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