Interline Robotic Cleaner

£299.00 (inc. VAT)

Interline is an established company with many years of experience in supplying all types of swimming pools, spas, water treatment, and other related pool products. They have a first-class range of pool maintenance equipment to help make your job of maintaining and cleaning your pool much easier.

The Interline robotic cleaner is suitable for use in smaller swimming pools with sizes up to 8m x 4m. This robotic cleaner has a maximum depth of 1.8m and it also has a cleaning program of 1 hour which enables it to effectively clean the bottom of your pool. It is also equipped with a variety of useful features, such as a filter bag, a convenient handle for transport, and a 15v transformer that only uses 40w power. These automatic pool cleaners have a cable length of 8m and it is also equipped with a swivel to ensure that the cable doesn’t get caught or tangled.