Kafko Panel Kit

Kafco Extreme Prefabricated Structural Reinforced Polymer Panels.
Luxury kits for extra rapid construction & much-reduced labour & building materials costs.

After years of research and development, Kafko has introduced a new generation of unique polymer inground pools. Their award-winning polymer panels are strong and durable. Made of stable, non-biodegradable polymer greatly increases the longevity of the pool. In addition, the cellular structure acts as a thermal screen holding heat in the pool and blocking the penetrating cold from surrounding soils.

Kafko’s Polymer straight panel is made from high impact, polystyrene resin. The top, bottom and side rails of the panel are 4″ wide, and each panel is rigidized with vertical and horizontal ribs. Kafko Polymer Pools combine the rugged engineering of a moulded box-flange panel with the benefits of completely non-corrosive Structural Polymer, which means you can install a Kafko Pool where soil conditions prevent the use of conventional steel.


Heavy Duty Wall Brace System

The Kafko™ heavy duty wall brace system is designed to hold the pool walls in place, giving maximum support. The convenient ground stakes secure the panels from any movement before the pouring of concrete.

Panel pools are a very popular labour-saving construction technique. Unlike block pools requiring concrete footings to support the heavy walls, panels can be erected straight onto the excavated earth shelf. Once they are levelled and adjusted you just need a ring of concrete at the base to keep them in place. The smooth surfaces are ready to support the liner. The cost of panels may easily offset purchasing and shifting heavy concrete blocks plus employment of specialised trade skills to lay and render them. Modern structural reinforced resin panels are quickly fixed together to form the walls. The floor is screeded and the fitted liner hung inside.

The Kafco Extreme Polymer panel Kits kits have 2 options: 4ft and 5ft panel depths (these give water depths of 3’6″ and 4’6″ respectively). Panels can be pre-cut out for skimmers, lights and inlets so that they can be installed accurately and easily on-site.

Excavation:- You have the option to dig dimensions to standard pool depth.