Rainbow Chlorine Feeder

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The Rainbow Inline 320C and the offline 300 automatic chlorine/bromine feeders not only save time, but also reduce manual handling of chemicals. They use large or small Chlorine or Bromine slow dissolving tablets to make sanitising your new or existing pool or spa easy and automatic.

It features an external fine control valve that lets you adjust the feed rate to meet specific pool or spa requirements. The 320C is designed for permanent installation in the return line of new or existing systems and dispenses sanitiser directly into your pool or spa, downstream of all equipment.

  • Reduces manual handling of chemicals
  • New or retro-fit
  • External control valve to adjust the feed rate
  • No special venting is required
  • Holds approx 11 x 200g tablets or 98 x 20g tablets
  • Can treat pools between 20³ and 180m³
  • 2-year warranty

The Chlorinator sits in line on either 1.5″ or 2″ pipework. It must be installed after the heater, ideally with a Non-return valve to stop the backflow of chlorine into equipment, and as instructed in the installation instructions.

The 300 model is an offline model (not fitted in-line). It uses 0.25″ feeder hoses, a control valve and fittings. The 320 model is an inline model and is connected using a 1.5″ pipe glued into the unit. We recommend installing socket unions to allow easy cleaning and removal.

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