Roman End Step Unit – 12ft wide x 3ft 6in deep

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The  Roman End step unit can be fitted to either the pool panel system or blockwork.  The finished screed level of the floor should be level with the bottom front lip of  the step unit (approx 2″ or 50mm). The step units should be gently backfilled with a concrete mix which should be dry packed to ensure maximum support . The foam backing upgrade fills in more of the rear cavity of the step unit allowing for much easier backfilling.


These 12ft wide x 3ft 6in deep Roman End Step Units are suitable for concrete and resin liner in-ground pools. They are made from strong and durable fibre-glass, and will add a new dimension to your pool.

Optional Extras:

  • Foam reinforcing – optional foam filling for insulation and extra strength
  • Mosaic tileband


  • 12ft Roman End (3ft 6″ ft depth)- £2479 plus delivery
  • 12ft Roman End (3ft 6″ft depth) with foam reinforcing – £2679 plus delivery
  • 12ft Roman End (3ft 6″ depth) with tileband – £2679  plus delivery
  • 12ft Roman End (3ft 6″depth) with foam reinforcing and tileband – £2999 plus delivery


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