Solar Pods

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Solar Pods are an ideal pollution-free and cost-effective solution for heating above ground pools. Simple, stylish, and compact, they work by heating the pool water circulating around specially designed heat-absorbing coils housed under a transparent polypropylene dome. One pod will heat approximately 4,500 litres of water – multiple pods can be used for larger pools (please see suggested requirement chart below).

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We also offer a ‘Solar Pod Plus’ for larger above ground pools. They measure 780mm x 780mm x 450mm and one pod will heat approximately 9,000 litres of water. Please call us on 0208 941 6618 or email us for more information.

Solar pods are attractive to look at and are strong and durable. They are easy to connect and utilise the existing pool pump. Pods can be angled as necessary to achieve optimum solar gain. Although designed for above ground pools, they can be used with in ground pools – please call or email us to discuss.

Suggested requirement chart:

ShapeWidth / mLength / mWater Depth / mVolume / LNo. Solar Pods Required
Oval or octagonal4.04.01.1013,8004
Oval or octagonal5.05.01.1021,6005
Oval or octagonal6.06.01.1031,1007
Oval or octagonal4.06.01.1021,8005
Oval or octagonal4.07.01.1025,8006

Solar pod kits include:

  • Main base with stand
  • 1.25in to 1.5in hose reducer (approx. 31.75mm x 38.1mm)
  • Collared tube adaptor
  • Hose clamps
  • 1m and 0.36m hoses (approx. 3.28ft and 1.18ft)
  • Side hose connector x 2
  • Hose ID 38mm (approx. 1.5in)
  • Clear dome
  • Solar protection cover

Please note, the heating efficiency of solar sods is directly related to climatic conditions. Although they work even in cloudy conditions, we do suggest you invest in a backup heating option to give your pool a ‘boost’ as needed.


Please call us on 0208 941 6618 or email us for more information or to discuss your requirements.